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Architectural Links Collection


Emer Roberts

Emer Roberts




Fashion & Textiles

Design Challenge and Design Ideas

The intention for this self-directed project was classically designed fine jewellery with an architectural approach. Designed specifically for the male silhouette, it is gender fluid jewellery with the inherently classic style of the art deco era to suit both men and women.
The priority of the brief was to create a single link that would be visually interesting at every angle.
The repetitious nature of links was an important factor when designing this single link for the overall mood and quality of the design. As was the importance in standing alone as earrings or a simple pendant. The challenge was to combine masculine (weighty and angular) and feminine (elegant).

How the brief was fulfilled

From design to completion, my process is sculptural in approach. Drawing and sketching are not part of my practice. As my designs occur three dimensionally, originality is a significant and intended result.
Designing the link in wax, I was attracted to create a stocky, solid tubular link with bold lines. Tubular to gain a weighty visual and stocky to further accentuate this. I incorporated the steps style of the art deco fan motif, of which I have elaborated upon in previous designs.
Approaching the relationship between each link was defined by the tubular shape. Ultimately, the ‘loop’ on either end of the link sits opposite of itself and I chose a thick and thin visual to incorporate fluidity of overall movement as a chain. Casting in multiples, each link was sanded to a refined, satin finish and joined and soldered as a chain.

I continued with this visual on a larger scale, creating a statement bracelet, rings and pendant from this single link design. Each link of the large link bracelet is hollow within, with the two individual parts soldered together and then to each other.
The balance of elegant yet masculine was an important aspect of the brief and the appearance of the jewellery on a larger scale became statement. Different angles with differing visuals, while maintaining a sculptural quality.

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