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“33% of Black marketing professionals are likely to leave the industry due to a lack of inclusion and/or discrimination experienced”. UK Advertising Association, All In Census 2021.
Black professionals are dramatically underrepresented in marketing roles across the UK and leaving the industry due to negative experiences. This trend becomes increasingly evident at senior levels, where only 1% of c-suite leaders are black. This is an issue that require immediate, collective action. Accenture is partnering with Meta and 10 other cross-industry leaders such has Shell, Publicis and Pepsi on the Black Representation in Marketing initiative (BRiM). The objective of BRiM is to drive meaningful change in this area, by driving companies across the UK to take action now.
Accenture brought innovation, experimentation and experience expertise to reinvigorate the Black Representation in Marketing initiative (BRiM), reimagine their strategy, expand their reach, and drive adoption across the UK.

We helped stretch, test and think about how they might accelerate impact by understanding the challenges faced by marketers, improving UX and boosting employee success. This was done by bringing together an all-star team of innovation and culture change experts to conduct interviews to better understand marketers’ real-world experiences and complete a UX analysis diving into the end user’s experience with BRiM materials online. By infusing collaborative workshops and experience-driven activities through each of our projects, we ensured human experience was at the heart of all we did as we co-created our solutions with Meta, partner companies and end-users. At its core, BRiM is focused on talent. We designed an employee sponsorship program that connects mid-level Black talent to mentors and sponsors at their organization. This model meets companies wherever they are – providing a solid framework to start from scratch along with resources for companies that already have established programs.

How the brief was fulfilled

We initiated and delivered three projects to incite companies to act both individually and collaboratively to improve representation. All along the way, we deliberately included Meta and 15 additional organizations to ensure broad understanding and pave the way for amplified impact. This included: Meta, Google, Shell, Publicis, OMG, TUI, Wunderman Thompson, LinkedIn, Disney, VCCP, Creative Equals, British Ad Association.
Discovering Opportunities – An Accenture team of Dock designers and strategists (based in Dublin) and Meta account members with complementary skillsets defined the objectives of our discovery phase to benefit other work being done at BRiM. We interviewed all 15 organizations to understand their motivations and conducted a virtual workshop with Meta and its 11 partner organizations to identify opportunities for improvement. This was the first time since BRiM’s inception in 2020 that each contributor provided input and prioritized next steps live with agreement from all parties.

UX Analysis & Recommendations – To increase external engagement and inspire action, we conducted a heuristic analysis of BRiM’s content, website and framework, interviewing a representative sample of 8 model end-users to understand friction points in their journeys. We reviewed their root causes and agreed on the elements to experiment with for improved UX. We built prototypes of recommended changes to the BRiM website and framework and worked with representative end-users again (including Meta) to test ease of use and inclination towards action.

Sponsorship Program – We partnered with Meta, Black & Brilliant, Werkin, leadership and advocacy organizations, to understand the challenges Black professionals are facing in the UK corporate environment and develop a triangular model for sponsorship of mid-level Black marketers that is being piloted by member companies. In various working sessions, we dove into the complexities and intricacies of company dynamics to design a program and toolkit that would be realistically implementable at a wide range of companies while maintaining a structure that enriches and guides Black professionals for promotion and professional success. This programme is now going to pilot across a number of organizations including Accenture.


A very relevant initiative with an advocacy theme. Thorough and well documented research carried out with all stakeholders. Identified a key problem and successfully used their network to harness support and expertise.



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