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We always say that a great client = great work so let us introduce you to Concern Worldwide. They are an international humanitarian organisation whose mission is to end extreme poverty whatever it takes. We could nominate them for this ambition alone, but in this context we nominate them for being such an inspirational client over the years; for valuing the power of effective branding /design and encouraging creativity.

Our relationship with Concern started over 24 years ago when we collaborated together on our first Concern annual report. We have designed every annual report for them since, which is amazing and our team relish the opportunity to come up with a fresh design each year that meets and exceeds the brief. In past reports, they have given us the green light to commission photography, bespoke illustrations, special paper stocks, print finishes and distinctive formats to ensure that the end result is powerful without being ostentatious.

We have also worked with them on a large range of diverse projects over our long relationship, from corporate communications, to materials for their outreach programmes, to event-led solutions. More recently we collaborated with them on a full brand refresh, bringing their communications in line with their new brand positioning to ensure they had a workable brand guidelines and toolkit that works across all strands of their communications.

The client-designer relationship is integral to the creative process. They are partnerships based on trust, whereby both parties need to have a respect for what the other brings to the project. This helps to ensure the best outcome possible. We are very fortunate to have such an enduring relationship with Concern; we listen to them to get a deep understanding of their requirements and they give us the space to create solutions that meet and exceed expectations.

Ultimately, this is why Concern Worldwide deserve to win this award. We acknowledge that all clients want the best results, and many will go out of their way to work with the right creative agency to deliver the best result. But only a small percentage of clients fully realise the benefits of a long-standing reciprocal client-designer relationship.

Concern Worldwide always come prepared, demonstrate trust, respect and open-mindedness with each project. They show us what each project means to them. Their passion for their work drives our passion for design. Their appreciation of effective design means we never sit on our laurels; instead we constantly strive to give them the best award-winning design solutions, whatever it takes.

“Concern Worldwide has enjoyed a long and productive relationship with Red Dog. Effective communications of our work matters and the Red Dog team continually challenge us to create the very best communications that we can. The working relationship between the Concern and Red Dog teams has always been excellent and no more so than last year when we engaged them to refresh our brand identity, a very significant process that was delivered on time, within budget and is very successful.”

Dominic McSorley, CEO Concern Worldwide


Long term relationships between a client and agency are increasingly rare and one that genuinely encourages creativity rarer still. The work shared has an energy and a sense of evolving spirit which is to be congratulated



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