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IDI 2023_CASS 2023_WIP
IDI 2023_CASS 2023_WIP
IDI 2023_CASS 2023_WIP
IDI 2023_CASS 2023_WIP
IDI 2023_CASS 2023_WIP
IDI 2023_CASS 2023_WIP
IDI 2023_CASS 2023_WIP
IDI 2023_CASS 2023_WIP
IDI 2023_CASS 2023_WIP
IDI 2023_CASS 2023_WIP

Category Winner


Creative Arts Summer School 2023



Bob Gray



Use of Image-Making

Creative Practice & Collaboration


Bob Gray (Designer, art director)

Leah Bredendieck (Designer)

Matthew Thompson (Photographer)

John Waid (Art direction)

Julie Weber (Art direction)

Design Challenge and Design Ideas

The Creative Arts Summer School is an initiative for ACCESS students studying across nine of Ireland’s leading educational institutes. The free programme of explorative creative arts workshops across and guidance on potential creative careers needed to be promoted with a colourful and engaging campaign. Consistency and change were key aspects of the brief to showcase the programme both on and offline.

How the brief was fulfilled

Consistency and change is at the heart of our campaigns for the Creative Arts Summer School. The summer sun, glow, reflection, and light are shown across various mediums. For the most recent campaign we made a series of ice pops, in which were encased the sunburst icon of CASS, to capture the ephemeral joy of summer. With the help of some several curious pigeons, and one equally curious seagull, the ice-pops were photographed on a beautiful sunny day, in hands, melting, and through glass.

Since its inception the Creative Arts Spring and Summer Schools have endeavoured to engage with ACCESS students across Ireland through creative workshops and an belief in a better future for all. This worthwhile project has needed an approach that embodies collaboration and agrees upon a shared goal, placing the needs of the participants at the project’s centre. Our aim was to use the differences of the nine institutes within a common campaign identity. Bringing the nine institutes to the table and understanding their needs and what they had to offer, we were able to enrich a comprehensive creative programme. The importance of ACCESS for all, creativity for all, the need for arts, culture and quality education to be central to all our lives is the reason why the design of this project is not about what it is, but what it does.

Booklets, social media posts, certificates, tote bags and posters were created to form a comprehensive promotional campaign.


Captivating blend of photography, colour and graphic elements. The concept here is really original — unexpected and visceral. The imagery is evocative and enticing and integrated seamlessly into the layout. You can see the level of love, passion and craft that went into every detail. It is a joyful piece of work.



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