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Cricut is an American brand at the forefront of the maker movement, providing crafting tools, machines and supplies to creative hobbyists. Born out of digital-enabled business models and democratised social marketing, an exciting, growing audience of small-business owners making high-volume and highly personalised products was emerging.

These users were challenged with turning their hobby into a sustainable business but faced restrictions in delivering large scale projects and meeting demand for bulk orders from their homes. Cricut identified the need for a larger crafting machine than ever before—one that could be highly versatile for the needs of these users, liberating creativity while enhancing their productivity and output.

To achieve this ambition required numerous engineering innovations. How might we create an experience that is faster and larger than any previous Cricut tool, while retaining pixel-perfect accuracy and stability, capable of high-volume production in a beautiful and invitingly simple way?

How the brief was fulfilled

For individuals seeking to expand their creative capabilities and entrepreneurs looking to grow and scale a sustainable crafting business, Cricut Venture allows you to achieve more in less time, while beautifully fitting into your home. Whether you’re an avid community volunteer, on the brink of transforming your side hustle into a thriving venture, or aiming to elevate your DIY endeavors, you no longer need to take the time and energy to cut each piece of your project manually or create one item at a time.

As well as making wider and extra-long cuts, Cricut Venture writes, draws, foils & scores. It can make detailed illustrations, easy-to-fold creases for 3D projects, or embellishes with flawless text. It operates at commercial speeds and maintains incredible precision even while cutting or drawing at a blazing 61cm/s, ensuring meticulous results with over 100 popular materials like vinyl, fabric, and poster boards.

The design and engineering team looked at every detail to deliver these remarkable capabilities. Starting from scratch, they meticulously selected the ideal motors for commercial-speed cutting, enhanced width and precision. An ingenious moment occurred during development when the team angled the prototype 45 degrees, saving valuable space and reducing its footprint compared to standard machines – particularly advantageous when working with specialty materials. Maintaining pinpoint accuracy at this angle necessitated innovative solutions, including pinch rollers controlled by a beautifully weighted lever to secure materials, and an integrated vacuum hold-down system for added precision and control.

The product was designed to be a joy to use and includes many delightful details like an embedded manual cutting tool, a neat accessories compartment, mat supports that magically pop out when needed. With only three primary control buttons on the device, accessibility and ease takes center stage. Anticipating diverse usage scenarios, the team introduced an optional Docking Stand, offering added stability, storage, and convenience.

Built to last, the Cricut Venture boasts exceptional build quality and replaceable parts for high-use components, also compatible with other Cricut devices. The machine is also powered by Cricut Design Space, a centralized platform where millions of users craft, customize, and share projects online.


Functional and approachable design full of small but smart innovations that will make this product a joy to work with. The design is approachable, clean and clearly designed to fit into the user’s home. Super simple appearance and interface that hides complex technology inside.



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