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Fitzgerald Clinic


Kingston Lafferty Design

Roisin Lafferty



Commercial Interiors

Structures & Spaces


Roisin Lafferty (Head Designer). Fiona Stone (Designer). Anna Mullins (Designer). Ruth Maria Photography (Photographer).

Design Challenge and Design Ideas

“Fitzgerald Private Clinic focuses on excellence and medical expertise and standard in a saturated market when often quality can be overlooked and undervalued, where speed and low prices can draw people in
They wanted to create a new experience for their customers and patients and open a dedicated high end aesthetic, skin clinic. Everything about their brand and ethos is about expertise, quality service and medical grade care; they wanted this high standard of quality to shine through with the finished environment and to instil trust in their customers from the instant they stepped foot inside. The service offer is premium and luxury and the spaces that encapsulate it were designed to echo that at every touch point. We wanted to design a space for Fitzgerald that was tactile and all encompassing, with a sense of other worldliness; incorporating in associations of cleanliness and sterility with a balance of warmth.”

How the brief was fulfilled

“We had to design for the retail, storage and a waiting area on the ground floor and three treatment rooms, a waiting area, toilet and staff room on the first floor. It is a very small space so we needed to be clever when designing the layout to get the absolute maximum use from the space. For example the waiting area is an intimate and beautiful place to sit, and the structure doubles as a retail display wall on the other side plus a secret storage area concealed behind a fully tube-clad door. The same applies for the mirror and walnut clad boxes on the first floor, outwardly they create a series of beautiful interconnecting corridors and spaces but behind their secret doors lie the treatment rooms and other amenities. for the structural stairs we sought to make a feature of its angular form and framed it in steel and glass, the steel providing both a tactile wall covering and a vital storage bank with additional retail display for product.
The treatment rooms needed to be highly clinical, sterile and very easy to keep clean. Hygiene was of the utmost importance to the client. Again, we wanted to find a balance so that it didn’t feel cold and unwelcoming. The lozenge shapes disrupt the clean lines and adds softness . We added subtle colour changes in the rooms, bringing in a blue tone to the terrazzo and a hint of green into the textured plaster walls and ceilings, mirror brightening and expanding the spaces
The arch is the strongest element that frames the clinic experience, also highlighting the sales and reception desk. Encasing and concealing an existing structural beam, we built the arch to align with the depth of the custom reception desk. We used a gorgeous acquasanta marble for the front with a rich veining and luscious colourway, linking back to the feminine tonality. We used the Rombini tiles in matt red finish to pull on the tone of the marble and add a further dimension to the space.”


“High concept here very slick design which totally suits its market and customer.”



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