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Juku Packaging



James Burke



Universal Design

Intrinsic Design


James Burke (Lead Designer), Kady O’Connell of Kady Creative Ltd (Lead designer, Branding services), James Bourke (Innovation design director) and Cian Long (product design) of Dolmen Design and Innovation Ltd, (support in product branding and 3D packaging design), Ciaran McCormack (CEO) and Denis O’Mahony (Operations & Engineering Manager) of Juku Gear Limited, and Denis O’Connell Juku

Design Challenge and Design Ideas

Juku™ is an innovative brand, consisting of 32 high quality charging and connectivity accessories for your smart phone & tablet.
Juku™ is derived from a Japanese word, which means ‘a higher form of learning’. The brand concept came from an idea that we never stop learning and growing.
Key challenges were:
• To create a fresh international dynamic packaging experience that will have a global appeal for both Apple and Android customers.

• The packaging must communicate a high level of quality through touch and feel for this customer base.

• A Key challenge was to define a fresh corporate packaging experience that will communicate and deliver customer confidence to purchase the Juku™ product range.

• To implement a consistent corporate packaging style throughout the 32-product range was imperative.

Juku™ products are designed to keep your life connected and powered up, whether you are at home, on the go or at work.

How the brief was fulfilled

“Keys areas of the design brief and how it was executed are outlined below in detail.

Collaborative Design team consisting of ;
1. The client Juku™
2. Kady Creative PTY Ltd (Graphic Designer)
3. Dolmen Design and innovation Ltd (Product design and Innovation processes)

Key features that were put in place for this project were,
• Selection of a team, compiled to deliver success
• Agreement of the final design brief and its KPIs, by all three teams
• Assignment of a project leader to cordinate the project teams and tasks
• Weekly team meetings every Fri over a 4 month period to enured maximium efficency and speed of project implementation.

• Multi disiplinary group brainstoming sessions were held to get the maxium creativity, focusing on USPs for this innovative packaging experience.
• A strict adhereance to Design Thinking Process
• Detailed reviews of the ‘Voice of The Customer research’ and its conclusions.
• Generation of mock ups used for VOC analysis and feedback.
• All packaging are finished with a satin tactile feel and
spot varnishing of the product image for a qulaity fell and experience
• A display window was incorporated to allow the user to see the product
• Magnetic open/close door for impact
This collaboration of Juku’s business people and the creative design teams worked together seamlessly in a structed process to create this unique packaging experience.”

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