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Logitech G502x


Design Partners

Jimmy Rennick



Consumer Products

Product Design


Jimmy Rennick (Creative Director), Philip Normand (Principal Industrial Designer), Peter Bevan (Mechanical Engineer)

Design Challenge and Design Ideas

How do you evolve and modernise a classic, whilst retaining its intrinsic magic? The Logitech G502 is the world’s best-selling gaming mouse and has long been considered an icon by passionate gamers around the globe. Logitech and Design Partners collaborated to evolve the much loved G502 for the next generation of gaming. Replacing a flagship product was no mean feat.
With the goal of retaining the #1 positioning, we aimed to create something more accessible, more fitting, and more exciting.

How the brief was fulfilled

How might we excite and improve on all aspects of the experience, inspire all types of gamers to compete and escape beyond their dreams?
Gaming is evolving fast and is no longer just for diehards. The range of people interested in gaming is becoming vast, and masculine, aggressive aesthetics of gaming products is now stereotypical. By contrast, the new design is beautiful and light, embracing the enjoyment and immersion of gaming, making it more accessible and fun. Conscious to not alienate existing fans, a design strategy was formulated to ensure this new flagship catered for the widest possible audience. Part of this decision included having three variants of the final design experience, using the same components and parts to be more sustainable. The new product line is Certified Carbon-neutral, features a thin-wall exoskeleton for minimum material and maximum rigidity.
Gamers love to express themselves through the products they use and that insight inspired the most advanced multi-colour lighting system in the entire portfolio. Added to this is Logitech’s LIGHTSYNC RGB technology allowing for unlimited customisation of the product’s glow. The new product family also comes in two colorways: black and white.
The team also enhanced the best-in-class functionality, performance and thrill of the mouse. Innovative technologies include the first-ever hybrid switches that combine the speed of optical and the feel of mechanical. Proprietary pro-grade wireless connectivity with 68% faster response rate than the previous generation. And the best optical-gaming sensor the Hero 25K.
The new gaming mouse is Powerplay compatible, meaning you never need to worry about charging your wireless mouse again. We redesigned the special thumb-button so you can choose the right configuration for your grip and style for precise customization to fit a wider array of hand sizes.
The design team are master ergonomists and the mouse was designed to be as comfortable as possible. Even with the additional features the team managed to make it even lighter than before. An impossible creation for new possibilities of play.
Currently sitting at 5 star rating on Best-Buy, the #1 store in the US for gaming gear.


High end design and engineering. Iterative development of a brand, function and performance. A significant difficult challenge done well.



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