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Mag Pin


Paul Roper

Paul Roper



Sustainable Design

Intrinsic Design

Design Challenge and Design Ideas

-Effortlessness attachment and removal of items.
-Safe & User friendly
-Storm proof
-Added functionality, 3 areas to hang your clothes from.
– Long lasting.
-Open and close with a single touch
– Eco-Friendly
– Great for people who have reduced dexterity or visually impaired
– Keeping to a size that was not out of proportion

Removing the spring from a clothes peg, and then coming up with a way to keep the peg securely closed afterwards and offer a multi-attachment system.
Someone with a disability or poor dexterity ability with arthritis or Parkinson’s for example, they would find it very difficult to use the existing clothes pegs with a spring design but the Magpin product allows easy use of its multi-functional clothing peg.
The Magpin was designed for the user to attached clothes in one easy step and to be able to pull the clothes from the line in one simple action.

How the brief was fulfilled

**The top of MagPin**
Operates in an open position, which closes with a single touch motion. When removing the items from the clothes line, a single pulling action is used. From this action the MagPin automatically resets to the open position and remains positioned on the line. This eliminates the bending down and lifting seen with traditional clothes pegs. The MagPin is designed that it will not drop your clothing in stormy condition or become brittle or snap due to sun damage.
This is achieved by the recycled UV polymer and magnets that are built in to the arms and main body of the Magpin.
The Arms share the same pivot axle point to reduce size.

**The middle Section**
This section is a push hole that will allow socks or baby items to be held there and simply removed by just pulling on them. Because of this middle insert it makes way for a suitable gripping point that will benefit anyone with bad dexterity.

**The bottom Section**
Bottom section is designed to hang delicate clothing or runners which can be easily be remove from the Magpin when dry.

The Magpin has an attachment at the rear of the product that allows it securely attach itself to the under side of the clothes line and will not come off the line once in place even in very high winds or storm conditions.
Its long product life cycle reduces the environmental impact as existing clothes pegs tend to break easily and create increased plastic waste.
With the magnetic arms slightly turning out which feature a smooth clean surface any part of the human body can open the Magpin easily and it will stay open because of the click in location position under the axle of that holding wing arm design.
This is a great advantage for anyone with poor dexterity ability with arthritis or Parkinson’s, it takes the stress out of trying to hold open the clothes peg while trying to navigate clothes onto the line. The Magpin is designed with an open and closed position. It can open up to 90 degrees and stay open without pressure being applied to the Magpin to remain open which allow the user to easily place or remove clothing items.

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