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Category Winner


Merlyn Revo


Dolmen Design and Innovation

Ronan Murphy, James Bourke



Universal Design

Special Awards


Ronan Murphy (Dolmen), James Bourke (Dolmen), Chris Murphy (Dolmen), Barry Hoyne (Merlyn), Andrew Hoyne (Merlyn), Patrick Kealy (Merlyn), Paul Kinsella (Merlyn), Jon Williams (Merlyn), Eileen Slattery (Merlyn)

Design Challenge and Design Ideas

“Revo is a multifunctional bathroom storage system and shower rail that acts as a steadying hand for all shower users without compromising style. The shower is an essential product ensuring wellbeing, hygiene and a revitalizing start to the day, it’s a product everyone should have access to use with confidence.

Revo was designed to address the changing demographics of our times and the resulting needs; people are living longer; co-habitation of multiple generations is commonplace, whether for short visits or long-term; smaller homes without baths are on the rise. A shower that works for everyone without taking away visually from often meticulously designed spaces, addresses an important need.

The over-arching goal was to create a highly functional, desirable product, that enhances the space it’s in, removing the stigma from safety in the bathroom to allow the widest spectrum of people to benefit from it, invoking the principles of Universal Design.”

How the brief was fulfilled

“Revo was born out of a broad study undertaken by Merlyn and Dolmen to understand the showering experience for their customers. A rich tapestry of stories emerged, showing customer needs that were not being met.

Families with young children that were reluctant to shower independently. Pregnant mothers who were afraid of slipping. Beautifully crafted shower enclosures that were overcome with clutter from their teenager’s array of hair products. Sports fanatics with sprained ankles tentatively hopping into their enclosure. Homeowners who had showers installed as they could no longer climb into the bath. Older people who were afraid of falling but refused to get safety rails as “they’re for the elderly”.

This spawned a range of solutions that were vetted with consumers through an intensive validation study. This was followed by user testing with the target market, with revo emerging as a solution that really resonated with them. It was seen as a unique cross-over product combining functionality and safety, with detailing and styling that complement and enhance the shower enclosure. It’s an aspirational product, one they want to install not one they have to install, that appealed across all ages, embodying Universal Design.

A host of features make revo a versatile, easy to use system that adheres to the highest standards in production and functionality. The shower space can be customized in a variety of configurations, and it’s TÜV tested to withstand 150kg. The accessories arms are retro-fittable and can be easily added at any time to suit changing needs. An ergonomic light touch lever allows the accessory arms to be moved up, down and pivot so they can be effortlessly placed in the perfect position. For easy cleaning the container arms pivot 180 degrees to access the tiles, while the matt textured container is fitted with a removable brushed stainless-steel base. The accessory arm and rail have the same profile allowing the container to be placed on either depending on the user’s needs, meaning they’re always in reach. Versatile hooks clip onto the accessory arm ensuring a unified aesthetic and can accommodate a wide range of shower paraphernalia.”

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