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MOST SLED. iPad Mini6 Retail Revolution.



Neil Murray, Martin Clowry, Dominic Southgate



Industrial Products

Product Design


Neil Murray (Designer)

Martin Clowry (Designer)

Dominic Southgate (Senior Designer)

Design Challenge and Design Ideas

The iPad mini6 is typically a consumer product, but when repurposed for in-flight retail transaction processing, it assumes the role of a professional device facing more stringent requirements in a demanding regulatory and operational environment. In this unique context, the iPad mini6 must seamlessly integrate with a PCI compliant payment device, referred to by the client as a “puck,” all while ensuring that flight attendants maintain unobstructed access to vital regulatory information mandated by the FAA. Regulatory stipulations mandate that the payment puck must remain visible and not be enclosed or covered. Additionally, it is imperative that the integrated device remains lightweight and convenient for flight attendants to carry and operate, facilitating in-flight retail activities. Robustness and ease of repair are essential to minimize downtime from potential repair requirements.

How the brief was fulfilled

This innovative solution addresses these challenges through a modular ‘sled’ iPad case, effectively transforming the iPad mini6 into a professional tool for in-flight retail transactions. Together with the Most team, user research was conducted in partnership with Southwest Airlines, allowing both technical and flight attendant requirements to be refined. Extensive user research was conducted, focusing on flight attendants’ needs, including device handling during customer interactions. Various grip and hold options were tested; straps, different surface textures and forms, ensuring ease of use.

Adhering to Apple’s rigorous accessory standards, ergonomic prototypes were developed that maintained the ease of use of the fingerprint scanner on the power button of the iPad. In response to feedback from flight attendants, the modular sled was designed to allow easy switching of the payment puck from left to right. Visual cues were incorporated to make the transition intuitive. This modular design also provides a cost-effective upgrade path for future payment options without the need to replace the entire case.

The design ingeniously consolidates the iPad mini 6 and the payment device (PUCK) into a single unit, while preserving the flexibility to use both devices separately. The PUCK features an easy magnet fixation system, enabling it to be used for payment while mounted on the case or removed and presented to the passenger for seamless transactions. The case simplifies charging by providing a single point of charge using a USB-C port, simultaneously powering the iPad mini 6 and the PUCK. This design goes a step further by accepting fast charging and intelligently distributing power between the two devices. This forward-thinking approach future-proofs the product, ensuring compatibility with evolving charging protocols and speeds. The modular design not only facilitates upgrades but also promotes economic sustainability by reducing the need to replace the entire case when new payment options emerge. This approach aligns with environmental and economic considerations.

The transformative iPad Mini6 MOST SLED for in-flight retail not only meets the demanding requirements of a professional environment but also enhances the user experience, promotes sustainability in the aviation industry, and offers the flexibility to adapt to future technological advancements.


Combines creative technical solutions with a functional yet appealing design that puts users and their work environment in the centre of the product development. A unique product with plenty of character. A robust and sturdy product solution for an unforgiving environment.



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