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Furniture and Lighting Design

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Design Challenge and Design Ideas

Create a useful piece of furniture, using a minimum of materials that is of simple construction.
It should be pleasing to the eye, with distinctive geometry, that doesn’t necessarily pander to current design aesthetics or tastes, but will in its stead rely on quality materials, immaculate joinery and flawless finish.
Upon reaching its end of life it should be easily upcycled or restored. However, should it be beyond repair, no unrecyclable screws, fastenings, glues, or paints or lacquers will have been used in its manufacture, making it readily recyclable. However, one of the main challenges to optimize the recovery of wood waste is related to its classification, which is not harmonized at the European level. The simple French system could be easily adapted defining wood products as follows.
Class A: clean products (without additives)
Class B: lightly admixed products
Class C: heavily admixed products.
ONE will be classed “B”

How the brief was fulfilled

“ONE” is of very simple construction making use of three components Table Top, Foot and Post. The dimensions of the elliptical table top and foot are identical apart from the cut out in the foot, the post is also elliptical, so there is a cohesive geometrical element between the three components.
Choosing timber as the construction material readily resolves several of my design challenges, it allows a simple construction using traditional joints, dowels and glue, without the need of additional fasteners, screws and the like. The dowels were fabricated from the waste cut out material from the foot.
The size of the table is key to its success, the dimensions are 540mm High, Ellipse 430mm x 340mm, the height makes it convenient as an occasional table as well as a very handy side table for a couch, the ideal perch for a book or a cup of tea.
The generic components, Table Top, Foot, and Post, could be utilised across a small range of furniture, the use of timber will ensure that the table is robust and durable, there are many variations of timber that can used, including by products and waste. The size and proportions of the “One” table make it a contender to be, a workshop continuous production piece, solely sourced from the workshop timber waste bins.
Using plain grain timber such as beech will make “One” suitable for a variety of paint finishes. One of my personal favourites, “ebonising”, can be achieved using a natural solution, made from steeping wire wool in vinegar, which when painted on to timber (especially oak) releases the natural tannins in the timber, turning it instantly black, the use of natural dying techniques makes it very easy to restore, as well as suitable for recycling as it contains only natural elements.
Conclusion, ONE uses a minimum of materials, when viewed in in elevation the geometry is bold and striking, however in plan view the ellipses contrasts this. ONE is useful and appealing; it will be at home in a broad range of contemporary interiors.


Very iconic, simple and honest design that is easy to fabricate, eco friendly and will fit nicely in almost every environment.



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