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Category Winner


Public Explainer Animations for Commission for Victims and Survivors


Whitenoise Design

Chris McKernan & Ryan Drayne



Design in motion

Communication Design


Chris McKernan (Lead Animation Artist)

Ryan Drayne (Lead Animation Artist)

Alan Morrow (Script Writer)

Design Challenge and Design Ideas

Our project for CVSNI posed the challenge of addressing a sensitive subject matter with compassion and avoiding bias linked to the Northern Ireland conflict. Our goal was to convey CVSNI’s identity, support for victims, and societal impact sensitively.

We used visual metaphors, like wilting plants and cracked pots, to represent emotional scars. Human characters were depicted minimally, often in silhouette, to protect survivors’ anonymity and resonate universally. Textured, illustrated artwork added a storybook-like quality, softening the content and honoring personal narratives.

Our design intent prioritized empathy, inclusivity, and artistic expression to effectively communicate CVSNI’s mission while treating the subject with respect. Through these elements, we conveyed the essence of CVSNI while navigating the challenge of addressing a delicate and potentially triggering topic.

How the brief was fulfilled

Our animation project for CVSNI was carefully designed to incorporate key features that effectively addressed the challenge of handling a sensitive subject matter while showcasing creativity, competence, and sustainability.

One central feature of our design was the use of visual metaphors. Instead of direct depictions of trauma related to the Northern Ireland conflict, we employed symbols like wilting plants and cracked pots to convey emotional scars. This innovative approach added a layer of originality and creativity to the project, enabling us to communicate the profound emotional impact without causing discomfort.
Another critical design element was the minimal use of human characters, often depicted in silhouette or partial view. This not only contributed to the project’s originality but also ensured universality within the community while preserving the anonymity of survivors, demonstrating competence in handling sensitive content.

Our choice of textured, illustrated artwork was a deliberate creative decision, adding a unique and artistic dimension to the project. This approach softened the subject matter and honored personal narratives, enhancing the project’s overall finish and execution.

The animations consistently maintained a tone of emotional depth and sensitivity, achieving competence in conveying the message effectively. The blend of beauty and emotional engagement showcased our commitment to creativity and empathy.

In summary, our project incorporated innovative visual metaphors, minimized the use of human characters for universal appeal, utilized textured artwork for a unique finish, and maintained a tone of emotional depth throughout. These key features collectively demonstrate our competence, creativity, and commitment to sensitivity, contributing to the project’s success in conveying CVSNI’s mission while respecting the subject matter’s dignity and sustainability.

The CVS team have celebrated the animation as being a landmark moment for the brand, exploring animation as a creative medium and a very artistic style to represent complicated and emotive topics. This animation has now been extended to a three part series which will be used on social media, CVSNI website and distributed by their network including local governement and news broadcasters.


The visual storytelling in this project is stunning. A beautifully crafted and powerful piece of communication.



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