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Screen Ireland





Website Design



Elena Rimeikaite – Head of Design
Duncan Menzies – Senior UX UI Designer
Emma McEniff – UX UI Designer
Ronan McCormack – Technical Director
Christian Rochford – Head of Back End Development
Brendan Mac Donagh – Head of Front End Development
Ross Daly – Senior Front End Developer
Thomas Davis – Senior Back End Developer
Matthew Byrne – Developer
Sadie McMaster – Project Manager

Design Challenge and Design Ideas

As the national agency for the Irish film, television drama, animation and documentary industry, Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland is the creative partner to the sector, investing in talent, creativity and enterprise.
As their Digital Design & Development partners Kooba and Screen Ireland have been working together for 6 years now and throughout our relationship have successfully completed a number of major projects, including this our most recent – The new Screen Ireland website and merging of the Screen Ireland and Screen Skills websites. The project also ran in tandem with the corporate brand refresh of Screen Ireland which created the perfect opportunity to transform the Screen Ireland and Screen Skills site into one seamless digital hub.
The new site represents the future of Screen Irelands online presence and sets the foundation for the organisation to continue to build their digital portfolio.

How the brief was fulfilled

The initial phase of the project involved reworking the site to allow for the smooth integration of two sites into one intuitive platform catering to multiple user groups and creating an immersive experience as soon as you land on the site. Using an innovative Industry/Audience toggle functionality we were able to achieve eye-catching transitions between each version.
Screen Ireland had also recently undergone a rebrand, which had to be reflected within the site, by incorporating the new assets, such as updated colours, graphics & typography. Taking into account the new brand, we wanted to introduce darker features such as background colours, for a more immersive experience, allowing for the imagery to speak for itself. We wanted to create the perfect balance between these darker features, and the brighter colours seen within the new identity. We settled on introducing the more colourful elements within the call-to-action buttons as a three tone gradient, which shifts & evolves upon cursor hover, for a more engaging experience.
Specific stat elements have been designed to present certain information more appropriately and effectively, through the usage of visual elements, such as iconography and enlarged typography. By doing so, conveys the information more effectively to the user, while encouraging them to engage more with the content present.
To further bring out the immersive experience across the site we ensured video was able to be used throughout. Video not only creates further engagement with the user but allows for full immersion with the subject matter.
The final result for Screen Ireland/Screen Skills go far beyond a website design & development project. The new site combines two free standing sites into one intuitive platform that caters to multiple user groups and creates an immersive experience from the moment you land on the site. In addition, we took Screen Ireland’s new branding and used creative solutions to seamlessly merge it with existing site elements to create a cohesive look and feel. The new site represents the future of Screen Irelands online presence and sets the foundation for the organisation to continue to build their digital portfolio.


Strong vibrant visual execution, easy to use.



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