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Storm Master Anti-Flood System



Honora Egan



Industrial Products

Product Design


Greg Tobin – Design Engineer, PJ Tiernan – Designer (Moulding Technology)

Design Challenge and Design Ideas

Storm Master is an underground anti-flood system that collects excess rainwater and surface water to prevent flooding. A trench is excavated then the system is installed and covered over for parking or leisure areas in both commercial and domestic settings.

The brief was to design a strong system that is easy to assemble, transport and install. Our focus was also to design a system which could be shipped and packaged more efficiently reducing the systems impact on the environment.

How the brief was fulfilled

For building projects time is a commodity that cannot be wasted. We designed a click and go system that allows the Storm Master to be easily assembled on site. Clips hold the units together which can be used in a vertical or horizontal position which saves time. The click and go system is reliable and time efficient without compromising on functionality and strength.

For the core strength of the product we designed an interlocking system of cones that assemble in seconds. Numerous revisions were designed, prototyped and tested. We also simulated numerous FEA studies to refine the most optimal cross section and cone design.

The unit is manufactured using 100% recycled plastic and has a 95.8% void ratio, to maximize water storage. The final design comprises a bump locking system which when tested has far exceeded any product on the market.

We developed the unit so it could be moulded in one single piece using integrated living hinges. This allows for an easy and unique product assembly process. This means the exact amount of units that are required are only manufactured, no excess pieces which can result in waste on site.

Transport of these types of product is usually on pallets and wrapped with cling wrap. After installation this is dumped on site which can cause numerous environmental issues. We designed pallet feet that connect to the base of the unit. This makes the unit self packaged. The pallet feet do not have to be removed. Cling Wrap is also not required during transport as the units are designed to interlock and can withstand transportation. The unit does not require any packaging.

With the design of the living hinges the product can also be flat packed which gives a space saving of up to 80%. Saving on transport costs and reducing the impact to the environment. This also gives the user the option of ordering the product flat or assembled. The final product is easy to assemble, easy to install on site and operates efficiently.

The first production units have been installed on numerous sites in Ireland and the UK.


Storm Master is a flexible system designed for use in construction where flooding is a concern. This design is clever with every aspect of the product impact considered. Its sustainable, reduces packaging, materials use and transport cost. Everything has been considered and perfected



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