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The Dead Rabbit


Crown Creative

Ryan Crown



Client Appreciation Award

Special Awards


Ryan Crown (Creative Director)
Simon Worthington McQueen (Managing Director)
David Carofano (Strategy Director)
Aoife Mulvenna (Art Director & Interior Designer)
Grainne O’Neill (Account Manager)
Kate Tracey (Senior Designer)
Emma Hetherington (Designer)

How the brief was fulfilled

The Dead Rabbit has consistently upheld a remarkable standard of distinction. Their pursuit of becoming the premier Irish bar in every major U.S. city is nothing short of ambitious. At the heart of this aspiration lies the dynamic creative partnership between The Dead Rabbit and Crown Creative. The Dead Rabbit’s trust, responsibility, and appreciation for Crown Creative’s design brought forth innovative concepts, considered design, and unforgettable guest experiences.

After a decade of operation, The Dead Rabbit had never celebrated Christmas, but as part of the brand refresh, they sought a revival, and Crown Creative was the trusted catalyst. ‘Jingle Jangle,’ became a Christmas activation that would redefine festivities at the iconic bar. With creative control, Crown Creative crafted interiors, established a unique brand identity, and curated event collateral. As a result, December 2023 witnessed The Dead Rabbit’s most successful month to date.

Collaboration between The Dead Rabbit and Crown Creative extends to the very essence of the bar: the menu. The mission to display the drinks and delight guests through an elevated menu – a conversation starter, and an integral part of the guest’s experience. This project allowed Crown Creative to become an extension of The Dead Rabbit team, encapsulating their vision and communicating it through design.

The Dead Rabbit is deeply rooted in Ireland and their mission of pioneering a Modern Ireland in the US is one Crown Creative can closely align with, being an Irish agency full of Irish creatives. By collaborating with Irish makers, they have articulated immersive touch points throughout The Dead Rabbit; from custom glassware, ceramics, and chairs, each collaboration becomes a portal that transports guests into the heart of Ireland. Their most recent venture, ‘Meet The Makers,’ was a testament to their dedication. Collaborations with modern Irish makers yielded exquisite brand touchpoints that adorn The Dead Rabbit. This symbiotic relationship flourishes as The Dead Rabbit entrusts Crown Creative with creative direction.

In refreshing The Dead Rabbit’s esteemed cocktail lounge, Crown Creative faced the challenge of designing a stool that embodied the bar’s motto, ‘Tradition Meets Tomorrow.’ Drawing inspiration from the annals of Irish tradition, Crown Creative reimagined classic elements, including dolmen structures, the three-legged milking stool, and turf briquettes. This was, however, just one facet of the approach. Crown Creative also infused a modernist perspective by channelling the geometric brilliance of Irish pioneer Eileen Gray. The result was a Parlor stool transcending time, an embodiment of Irish heritage, and a future vision.

The partnership between The Dead Rabbit and Crown Creative is a testament to the power of creative collaboration. The variety and scale of projects allow Crown Creative to flex a wide range of capabilities. With each project, they have elevated the bar’s image and crafted moments that guests cherish. As The Dead Rabbit continues its mission to portray Modern Ireland through its bar, Crown Creative remains an invaluable ally, consistently delivering design excellence that keeps guests returning for more. Together, they are forging a legacy in the world of Irish hospitality.


Excellent commitment to Irish makers and delivering design excellence. From custom glassware, ceramics, and chairs, each collaboration becomes a portal that transports guests into the heart of Ireland.



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