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The Four Seasons


Janice Byrne Goldsmith

Janice Byrne



Accessories Including Footwear

Fashion & Textiles


Photographer: Rory Moore

Design Challenge and Design Ideas

A set of 4 rings Inspired by the seasons. With each one representing a season. Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter.
My intention was to make wearable miniature organic sculptural forms, that stand freely when not being worn. Not necessarily Practical but beautiful as each ring takes the eye on a journey of discovery to find each gemstone. The Tactility of each ring encourages the wearer not only to explore with the eyes but also by touch.
My objective was to incorporate the birthstones of each month of each season into a Ring, So each ring has a mix of 3 different gemstone types, There is a feature gemstone in each ring, with accent stones.
Each ring was hand carved around the feature gemstone, taking on its own form and resulting in Stunning one of a kind organic Rings.

How the brief was fulfilled

Ring #1
Spring Blossom
Birthstones for February (Amethyst), March (Aquamarine) & April( Salt & Pepper Diamonds).
MATERIALS -2.10ct Amethyst-14mm x 7mm Faceted Marquise Cut. Accent Gemstones – Diamonds & Aquamarine
-9ct White Gold, 9ct Yellow & Rose Gold Detail.

Ring #2
Summer Wave
Birthstones for May (Emerald), June (Pearl), July (Ruby).
MATERIALS -15.2mm x12mm baroque white authentic South Sea cultured pearl, Accent Stones – Ruby & Emerald – Hand Carved in Wax & cast using lost wax casting method, in recycled 9ct yellow Gold.

Ring #3
Autumn Bounty
Birthstones for August (Peridot), September (Sapphire), October (Tourmaline).
MATERIALS – Bi Colour tourmaline, 12mm x 10mm x 5mm Faceted Oval. Accent Stones – Sapphires & Peridot
Recycled 9ct Rose Gold.
Setting rendered using cad & Printed and cast. Entire ring Hand carved in wax and then cast using lost wax casting method.
Sapphires were cast in place. The ring is organic in appearance, and finished with Black rhodium finish.

Ring #4
Winter Glow
Birthstones for November (Citrine), December (Tanzanite), & January (Garnet).
MATERIALS – 5ct Golden Citrine- Faceted Shield Cut (12mm x 12mm x 8mm), Accent Stones-Garnets & Tanzanite. Sterling Silver with Gold Vermeil Detail. Hand Carved in wax and then cast using lost wax casting method.

Each feature Gemstone was hand selected for its uniqueness & individuality, 2 of the Gemstones required a Setting to be rendered on cad, print and cast. The challenge was to Design and carve each ring around that setting & gemstone. Careful planning and execution to ensure the Feature gemstone was safe.
Ensuring there was enough support and protection for each Gemstone. Wax carving was the main method used in the construction of the rings. Lost wax casting and goldsmithing skills were used to complete the rings. To finish, careful mapping and planning for each accent gemstones to lead the eye on a journey of discovery around each ring.

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