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Steve Simpson

Steve Simpson



Packaging: Food & Drink

Visual Communications

Design Challenge and Design Ideas

As this project was for a startup – logo design, illustration and packaging design were needed. Wallaroo are a UK based company who specialize in nutritious snacks for kids.
Their mission statement: To encourage growing children to make better food choices by questioning where their food comes from, what it is made of and its impact on our environment.
The initial round of designs were for 3 products; dried pineapple chunks, dried mango and toasted coconut chips.
The packaging needed to be both healthy looking to parents and at the same time fun looking for kids. Getting these to work cohesively was going to be the first challenge.
Finding the right environmentally aware printer was also hugely important.

How the brief was fulfilled

A wallaroo is a cross between a kangaroo and wallaby. So this was the starting point for the logo design – I went for a simple but fun hand lettered design extending the R to echo a wallroo’s tail. A brightly coloured, graphic character representing the wallaroo was also created – this can be used locked in with the logo or isolated.
We found a UK printer who specializes in home compostable packaging. Meaning it can be thrown directly onto the compost heap and even in sea water dissolves within 12 weeks with no harmful pollutants released. So no plastic waste.
I designed 3 characters to represent the 3 products, mango, pineapple and coconut, carefully choosing a colour palette that reflected the brand. Making the characters into colourful tribal hunters to appeal to the kids and while adding realistically illustrated product on each pack to reassure the parents.
The 3 packs use an integrated colour scheme with different colours emphasized on each pack.
The backs of pack are designed to be easily read. I designed icons for callouts and illustrated the barcode.

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