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GAH! – The Gaelic Sports App


Kollectiv Studio

Reiner Wendland



App Design


Design Challenge and Design Ideas

GAA, LGFA and Camogie sports fans struggle to find match information, track scores and results for our national games. Information is often fragmented and siloed across the web, with high efforts for one fan to source the information they are looking for.

We launched the GAH! app this year to solve these problems and create the go-to place where fans can connect with engaging content and be match day ready.

Our aim for the visual design was to create something unique, modern and memorable for the fans. We also wanted the brand to feel friendly, inclusive, and have the ability to inject our personality. We also worked to establish a design system that would be consistent across platforms.

The most important and critical aspect for optimum user experience is the ability to surface fast and accurate data and making it easy for fans to find that data while on-the-go.

How the brief was fulfilled

Our design system has given us a foundation to have a product that is consistent across our apps, regardless of platform, with the added benefit of being able to build new features for the fans much faster.

By embedding our brand in the app through use of color, typography, icons and illustrative empty states, we now have a very playful, unique and memorable app that is instantly recognisable.

We’ve kept all sports of an equal prominence, regardless of gender, to encourage and elevate our national sports for all.

By extending the app to tablet and iPad platforms, fans can enjoy a larger and more accessible reading experience or get match information and results, no matter whether they’re at home or while out and about.

We have an app store rating of 4.8/5 and a Google Play store rating of 4.7/5 with very positive reviews. We engage with our users regularly and in a recent survey out of 70 responses 94.3% of users said the app was easy to use. Before the games were postponed this year, we were seeing 20% week on week growth from January to March.

We hope that by using technology the growth and popularity will make these sports more accessible for everyone.

Key Features:

“Latest news” includes a curated feed of gaelic sports news from all over the web, where fans can find all the best articles from their favourite sources in one place.

“What’s On” allows fans to access when their favourite team is playing, who they’re playing against and where to watch the games.

“Live scores” tracks inter-county games so fans can get real-time updates when they can’t attend games and makes sure they never miss a moment on-the-go. Live scores return when games do, set for 17/10/2020.

“Competitions” includes the league and championship fixtures, results and tables so fans can see who is leading the pack or where their team falls within the tables.


I collaborated with Jeremy Freeley who is a co-founder of our studio. He is a mobile engineering specialist and his guidance and advice was critical. We both ideated and prototyped features, and he provided a healthy sounding board.


Really clean and clear execution. The information is laid out really well and the user needs are met. Love the small animations and icons



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