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Eco Collection 2023


Shock of Grey Handcrafted Jewellery



Fashion Accessories

Fashion, Textiles & Jewellery Design


External Collaborators

Martah MacNulty Photographer
Zeda Th Architect Stylist
Elaine Cruz MAkeup
Cian Brennan Videographer
Ava O’Shea Maker
Oyena @1stoptions Model Agency



MRCB, Snow Laser Studio, Tiny Box Company

Design Challenge and Design Ideas

Shock of Grey’s new Eco Friendly collection was challenged with building upon our highly successful previous series, pushing the combination of even more eco friendly materials. This time we wanted to use recycled or low emissioin certified raw materials.

Our visual references and inspiration for this collection needed to be both contemporary but not too on trend, build on existing patterns and shapes and adding familial shapes that would be a natural evolution. We would need to continue to use hand drawn shapes to guide us.

We recognised the provenance of our materials and packaging is key to the brand and had to consider alternative routes for sourcing materials sustainably, within the confines of the tiny physical space that is reserved for even statement jewellery while also being lightweight and comfortable to wear and irresistible to customers. Balancing aesthetics and wearability is a challenging but crucial aspect of jewellery design.

How the brief was fulfilled

Shock of Grey’s¬†Eco Friendly collection¬†successfully marries sustainability, innovation, and artistry. The brand’s commitment to using eco-friendly materials and crafting each piece with care and creativity sets a high standard for responsible and visually stunning fashion products.

In our new Eco Friendly collection we have successfully introduced bigger and bolder pieces in more refined vibrant colours including citric yellow and cobalt blue deviating from the previous primary colour palette. The vibrant colours create a striking visual without costing the earth. This commitment to sustainable materials aligns with the growing demand for eco-conscious products in the fashion industry.

Shock of Grey aligns with the growing demand for¬†eco-conscious products¬†in the fashion industry by using certified materials. They sourced¬†FSC certified wood¬†and low emissions paint, and we’ve ingeniously repurposed our own scrap acrylic into brand new panels, achieving a¬†zero-waste product¬†with¬†one-of-a-kind colour and pattern¬†combinations.

The brand pays attention to the entire customer experience by packaging their pieces in recycled boxes with eco-friendly stickers. This demonstrates a holistic commitment to sustainability.

Pieces are designed, woodcut, and painted in Dublin, emphasising the importance of local craftsmanship and production. A Fine Art Sculpture background add a tactile and artistic element to the design process, ensuring that the finished pieces have a unique and handcrafted quality. The collection draws inspiration from Sarah’s own sketchbooks that serve as a constant source of reference. This fine art approach allows for the realisation of exciting and original shapes.

Pieces are manually cut and assembled into forms, similar to collage or animated cells, to determine which parts should be wood, metal, or acrylic. This hands-on approach adds to the uniqueness of each piece. The design process involves digitising shapes into EPS files, allowing for precision in laser cutting and assembly. This blend of traditional and digital methods results in high-quality, visually striking jewellery.

Shock of Grey’s tagline, “bold, sustainable, handcrafted statement jewellery,” underscores their¬†dedication to sustainability¬†while creating pieces that are both¬†innovative and striking.


The concept is fun and playful. Their holistic commitment to sustainability shines through. Vibrant, sleek and desirable pieces with craftsmanship and environmental consciousness at their core.



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