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Category Winner


Global Creative, Johnson Controls


Global Creative, Johnson Controls



In-house Team of the Year

Design Practice


Kevin O’Shea (Chief Creative Director)

John Duggan (Deputy Creative Director / Head of Design)

Leona McDaid (Head of Copy)

Cáit Mc Enery (Creative Resources Manager)

Niamh Forde (Head of Client Service)

Claire O’Keefe (Strategy Manager)

Aoife Lynch (Head of Video)

Ray Fennelly (Interim Head of Video)

Helena Sajko (Traffic Manager)

How the brief was fulfilled

How has the team contributed to positive business impact and outcomes?

Creativity and cost savings. We offer value for money and added value with the expertise of a dedicated, committed and passionate team. We project manage and deliver high-quality, timely and cost-effective creative and content assets to drive brand awareness and lead-gen opportunities for our clients.

Between 2019-2023, we saved Johnson Controls $6,792,401 in agency fees. We’ve completed 5,319 projects.

So far this year, the business is tracking more than 100 opportunities created, converting into more than $100 million in net new pipeline, directly correlated to our campaigns and creative assets. We’ve proved time and time again that the business can bank on us.

Positive outcomes

Monthly survey amongst our clients typically achieves a 90-95% satisfaction rate

130 Bravo Recognition awards and counting (Internal Recognition program)

Collaborating closely with the Brand team, we recently worked on our enterprise brand transformation. Updating the branding of a $28 billion company is certainly something to hesitate saying ‘yes’ to. But our creatives love a challenge and past performance proves they can succeed. We coordinated with internal, external, web and UX design stakeholders, all while maintaining our presence in the market

Partner with departments ranging from Communications, PR and HR and help create and engage with company events

Develop and produce thought leadership content such as the Sustainability Report

Use our creativity and strategic thinking to help the business secure major contracts with high-profile customers

How has the team used internal collaboration and/or overcoming internal challenges? Give examples which demonstrate a strong team culture, ambitious vision for design, and shared values and attitudes.

Shared vision

To purposefully collaborate with all stakeholders to be recognised and rated as the leading producer of best-in-class creative and creative thought leadership for Johnson Controls.

For example, we established an AI Innovators Panel and we’ve been talking to various departments to take ownership of and to benefit from the latest advancements in AI.

Commitment to learning

Give creatives space to showcase their work at monthly InVision sessions

Allocate a training fund to all our creatives – two of our designers recently completed a Design Management Professional Diploma

Encourage our team to seek out events, to learn and network, internally and externally

Give our team dedicated time to sandbox AI

Resource management and processes

Operate, accept briefs and put together monthly reports for our clients on project management tool, Wrike

Use digital asset management tool Widen and have a YouTube account for our library of video content/footage

Work to various in-house guidelines: video, copy and design

Host a live Global Creative playbook outlining process around handover, QA and everything in between

Crunch the numbers with financial reports and our business strategy keeps our growth going

Internal challenges conquered

Decisions by committee. Countless feedback rounds

A 138-year-old company undergoing major and constant transformation

Sliding and revolving doors situations

Adapting to working under three different CMOs in our five years of existence

Mammoth volume of traffic – in 2022, 1,665 total projects completed, equating to 3,500+ assets created

Robust traffic systems need to be regularly updated to manage capacity and ensure team welfare


A very well articulated vision. Good evidence of systemised resource and process management, to achieve such staggering numbers in terms of delivery. Very well evidenced commitment to learning, experimentation, and innovation as a team. Strong evidence of collaboration.



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